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The FreshPools system uses a process called Electrolysis utilising parallel rods (electrodes) positioned in the water flow to introduce metallic ions into the water. An ion is an atom that has lost or gained an electron, thus giving it a positive or negative atomic charge.

When the FreshPools system is activated, one of the electrodes becomes positively charged, and the other becomes negatively charged. Positively charged metallic ions naturally attempt to cross the water to the opposite charge, but some of them donít make it. This is because water from the filtration system is passing between the electrodes at high speed at the time, and the power is periodically interrupted causing some of the ions to end up being taken away by friction into the pool itself.

Once present in the pool water, the ions disable the reproduction capability of micro organisms thereby destroying them. Government microbiological tests of this method of treatment using water produced by the FreshPools system, have clearly demonstrated that the technique is more than 60 times more effective than chlorine by itself.