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I was first introduced to silver/copper ionisation more than 5 years ago when I had a system installed in my swimming pool. The system was reasonably successful, but I found that I experienced a number of problems that the supplier was unable to resolve.

I upgraded to a FreshPools system three years ago and my pool has been nothing short of magnificent since.

The technology incorporated in the system by FreshPools embraces State-of-the-Art electronics which makes other units on the market look amateurish.

I have also used the FreshPools system to maintain the sanitation of two large water features on the inside of my residence, and could not be happier with the results.

Not only is the FreshPools technology superior, but it is reassuring to know that the expertise available from the company behind the product, is second to none.

Darrell & Gina Tuck
Gold Coast
August 2006

What can I say except magic………..

If only we had converted years ago, from our chlorine pool to an ionised pool with Fresh Pools. The savings on chemicals are amazing, not to mention a healthier way of swimming. No rinsing of your swim wear, hair etc. as there aren't any chemicals in the pool at all.

We have one friend who is allergic to chlorine and can't ever swim in a pool, but now she swims in our pool and has no reactions whatsoever. We have never had our pool water looking so clear and it's almost maintenance free. Fresh Pools are a great company to deal with and they are always there for you, no matter how small the question may be.

Congratulations Fresh Pools.

Ron and Jenny Moir
Stafford Heights
August 2006